We are here to help small to mid-size Employers navigate the complex
world of Human Resources.

You have a clear vision for your business.  You are passionate about what you know and maybe a little concerned about what you don’t know.  You may be growing and adding employees.  To be the best business you can be; address the practical side of having employees, the human side, and the blend of both.

Do you know...

  • where you are vulnerable?
  • your biggest compliance risks?
  • how to bring those things in line?
  • how to develop and sustain a working culture where your employees enjoy giving their best every day and contributing to your business value?
  • what the best practices are for a business of your size and type?
  • if your HR Administrator or Manager could use some coaching or support?

You may be too small for an HR Director, but you still need HR Direction!

Patricia Moody, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and her colleagues have the expertise to help you find security, practicality, and accountability in your Human Resource practices.  They can take the vision you have for your success, provide you with effective employment practices, and help you build a great working culture where your employees are eager to contribute and become valuable growth assets.